Introduction to the Commentary on “The Prophet’s Handbook” by Paula Price

I had come across “The Prophet’s Handbook” at a random local bookstore which has since shut down.  At the time, I was being told that I was called to be a prophet by my church, and I was looking for something that could help me better understand what they were saying.  At the time, however, I just didn’t have the spare change to get the book for the price it was being sold.  When I went back for the book, I couldn’t find it and decided that instead of trying to get it on Amazon, I’d just wait until it came up in the bookstore again.  

A couple of years later I finished writing “A Wicked & Adulterous Generation” and thought about all the things the book was missing.  As much as I wanted to include everything in the book- and I had a fair amount of room to do so- I just couldn’t bring myself to add anything extra.  Then, it occurred to me: “What if someone needs encouragement to walk away from anything spoken of in the book?  To seek God?”.  Sitting there contemplating the question in a Books-A-Million, I found “The Prophet’s Handbook” and three other books that deal with prophecy.  

As I picked up these books and thumbed through them, I remembered a prayer I had made after reading a book by Heidi Baker called “Compelled by Love” (this is not meant to be an endorsement, in time I may revisit the book and discuss it, for now I don’t remember enough to be for or against it).  The prayer was a request- that if God could use me to do so, I wanted to be a voice to those that had been deceived by witchcraft traditions both inside and outside of the Church.  This made me wonder whether God was pushing me towards that direction.  I’ll be honest with you- most of you believe you know what God wants you to do in terms of ministry, but after my encounter with God’s Angel I do not.  Yet here I am, taking a chance on something and believing that God’s Will will be done.  Seeing this as a possible sign, I studied all four books I found.

These weren’t the only books I found though. Earlier in the week I had been at a Barnes & Noble and found about 3-4 books that had the name Hamon attached somewhere on the front cover.  Each of the books I looked at either was by Bill or Jane Hamon, or they contributed at Forward or introduction in some combination to the book.  Of the books I ran across in Books-A-Million, I noticed that “The Prophet’s Dictionary” by Paula Price had a Forward by Bill Hamon.  I don’t make it a rule to draw conclusions about a person’s beliefs or values based on their affiliations, or even their financial contributions to a campaign.  Interactions we have are often far more complex than the prejudices we assign.  The exception to that rule, however, is on the front cover of an academic or spiritual book.

When you decide to pair up with another author for one of these two projects, you are typically stating that you believe they can and want to communicate the same message you want to.  This is even moreso the case when you send your work to someone and ask for a Forward or Introduction.  The statement is that you care about their opinion either as a peer or your superior on the matter.  Since “The Prophet’s Dictionary” was published only 2 years after “The Prophet’s Handbook”, it is likely that “The Prophet’s Handbook” was already agreeable to the Hamon Prophetic teachings.  Following this logic, I figured I would simply select one of the books in this author family and see how it measures up to Scripture.  Of all the books I had in my gotten my hands on, the one that seemed to outline the Hamon theory of Prophetic Ministry was Paula Price’s “The Prophet’s Handbook”.  

So here we are.  At first, I wasn’t going to call attention to the author of any book I decided to review.  I figured I could pull out generic information from each book and write a blog that supported or debunked the basic belief.  However, after entering prayer, asking God to reveal to me the truth, and then reading the first chapter- I realized it wouldn’t be right for me to hide who the authors are or the people which very publicly in support of their views.

What I write about in this blog isn’t intended to hurt the author’s or their supporters.  I have no knowledge of what is in their hearts, and can only they earnestly wish to both know and do God’s work.  What I hope will happen, is that these individuals will find these entries and take the time to re-evaluate what the Scripture says.  There are 66 books in the Bible, trust me- it’s hard to keep up with all that information and sew it together.  I’m certainly not perfect, and there are plenty of topics I don’t have figured out.  But on this topic, of how witchcraft practices and traditions are taking us away from Him, I don’t believe God has led me astray.

I’m not going to ask you to purchase a book that I already know I would never recommend after having read the introduction.  However, in the interest of full disclosure, each entry I post will be titled by the main header of each section (and page number it begins on next to it) so you can follow along.

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