COVID-19 & Your Relationship with Christ

“If you claim to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and are afraid of getting the coronavirus, then you should rethink your relationship.  Fear is not faith, and if you know your Bible, without faith it is impossible to please Him.  Rev. 21:8 refers to those who will end up in the lake of Fire, the first one mentioned is fearful.  Something so little can have great consequences.  Matt. 25:25, because of three little words “I was afraid”, the man was casted into darkness.  God is all-powerful and knows how to keep those who are committed unto him.  Do what you can and He will do what you can’t.” -Unknown

A friend sent this to me today, saying she cannot understand this kind of logic.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand this logic- but I’m 100% against it.  Understand, the basis for my understanding is Scriptural, it’s not founded on my own observation of the world around us.  But before I get into how this logic is unsupported, let’s just clear up the two verses the original author cited.

Rev. 21:8 – Yes, this verse certainly states that the fearful will have no part in the Kingdom of Heaven, and will suffer the second death in the Lake of Fire.  But the author has forgotten that we should all have a healthy fear of the Lord (2 Corinthians 7:1).  This fear spoken of in Revelations isn’t fear in and of itself, it’s fear which keeps you from God.  Of the 3 temptations Satan tried with Christ was the temp tation to test the lengths God would go to keep Christ alive.  To which Christ replied “Thou shalt no tempt the Lord thy God” (Luke 4:12)

Matthew 25:25  – This verse is about a servant that was given some money and was expected to invest them.  That was the whole point, the servant with the one talent wasn’t intended to just keep ahold of the talent for safekeeping, but instead to reinvest it, that way he could help his master grow financially (even if it was just by a singular talent).  Fear may have been the catalyst by which the servant excused his actions, but it was disobedience which ultimately cost him in the long run.

Satan, during the temptations, quoted scripture, and he tried bending it to his will.  But Christ made it clear that to do anything stupid was an affront to God.  Trusting in God’s plan is one thing, being a Christian and ignoring the wisdom of scientists which are asking for caution during the Corona Virus is like throwing Christ’s words into his face.

So what could I provide you with that could possibly prove my point?  God caused leprosy to fall upon Miriam, and when Moses asked that God take it away from her, God made the comment that it was common practice for the people to put their sick outside of the camp, thus that should be the way that they would deal with Miriam.  Another point to make, is that God doesn’t always protect His own from horrific ends, Manesseh killed many of God’s prophets (Jeremiah 2:30).

Alright, I got it, you’re probably going to say something about how that’s all old testament, and not new.  That’s fine, look at the Black Plague.  Many believers were caused to fall ill and died from it.  The Catholic Church even organized and called for people to pray against the Black Plague.  Something that as recently as Wednesday, The Cathedral of St. Paul was doing as well.  You can read up on that story here:

Protestants might counter with “well, they were Catholic”.  Let’s not demonize 14th Century believers, when in the 21st Century we have over 32K+ denominations on the planet.  We have no right.  And unless someone can point to a legitimate prophet which stated this virus was coming to punish us for our sins (not Sylvia Brown, who’s 2010 prophecy didn’t come true [don’t let the reports fool you, she specified that it would come from exotic birds, no such thing has happened), it would be a dangerous thing to assume such.  Afterall, Job points out to us that God’s choices are His own.  We have no way of knowing whether this plague is a test, a punishment, or simply something God has decided not to intervene on.

Here’s what I will say, however.  With things like this, there is a great opportunity to call us towards prayer.  For all we know, The Cathedral of St. Paul’s efforts may be in vain, but they are stepping out in faith and trying to intercede for the people, maybe we should be too?  Though, we should always retain the understanding and wisdom that God’s ways are higher than ours, and accept that His Will shall be done. 

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One thought on “COVID-19 & Your Relationship with Christ

  1. So true. It’s during this dark , scary times when our faith will be truly tested. Instead of panicking & hoarding supplies , we forget to ask help , protection & healing to the only one who can save us all…God!

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