Let me ask you all a silly question- do you have a favorite number (under 100) or color?  How often is it that you notice that number or color vs. the times you take note of other numbers or colors?  I have one for each- 13 and Blue.  Other than the color Green, which I see every time I walk outside, I notice blue more than any other color.  And every time 13 comes up, I just kind of smile and laugh.  The only other number that gets a similar reaction from me is 666, and I’m sure most of you can probably guess why.

I don’t know what the number I last had at the DMV was, I don’t know what ticket number I got at the last fast food place I went to, those numbers just aren’t interesting enough for me to randomly notice them.

Now, I’m not the kind of person that obsesses over numbers thinking they are lucky or bad luck.  I think the only reason I have any real like over it, is because it kept showing up as a kid and I found that fascinating.   Then I noticed – 12 Disciples + Jesus=13; Joseph technically bore two tribes, so really there were 13 Tribes; and 1 God in 3 Identities, the numbers 1 and 3 are inside the number 13.  It really was nothing more than a passing, NEAT! I’ll make that my favorite number now.

Knowing this about myself, I have to groan when I see Paula Price try to justify her understanding of spiritual matters using Biblical Numerology to justify why she believes we have 7 Senses.  Let’s be real here, just because there are people around the world which believe in a sixth sense, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with how prophecy works- and by proclaiming this is the case you’re starting to get into blending Hindu and New Age traditions with Judeo-Christian traditions.  

Western Occultism adopts a misunderstanding of the Chakra system to support theory of a sixth sense.  Though, it’s of note, they don’t call accessing the Universal Energy it’s own sense.  But it’s in this occultic tradition that we can find a parallel to Paula’s “Seventh Sense” in the “Seventh Chakra”.  The sixth sense is associated with the Anja, or Third Eye, and Paula’s Seventh Sense looks an awful lot like occultic traditions around the Sahasara, or Crown Chakra.  And even at that, Paula butchers what the occultic tradition is saying.  She seems to have this idea that by obtaining your Seventh Sense, it some how gives you access to information you can only obtain by having a prophet present to give it to you.  To which, I give you another term from occultism: The Akashic Record.

It’s occultism, all of it, and modern occultism at that.  These aren’t thing that were developed pre-Christ in another culture, or even within the first few hundred years after Christ. they developed only in the last few hundred years.  Using a poor translation of Hindu sacred texts, western occultism began developing their own understanding of the Chakra system into what it is today.  As for Akasha, no one is really sure how this got associated with the idea of “Records” but it does seem to take hold due to the efforts of Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce.  That she can parallel this concept with the fact that we have 5 sense already, and modern occultism allows for a sixth sense, and even gives man a seventh chakra she can call a “sense” is simply looking for connections that aren’t there.  In fact, seven chakras is also a modern assertion.  Since it was first described in the Hindu texts, there have been anywhere from 4 Chakras to 114.

This kind of teaching doesn’t belong in the Christian faith.  I don’t say this because I don’t believe it is real, quite the contrary.  I absolutely believe that by engaging in these kinds of occult practices can help you connect with things like Familiar Spirits and beings that equate themselves to gods.  I say it because, despite Paula’s insistence that we are born with a Prophetic Spirit, trying to use these kinds of techniques will cause us to fall trap to what Ezekiel what the prophets of Ezekiel 13 fell into.

I know this should be a good stopping place, but I feel like I just need to say one more thing before I get into the next chapter of this book:

“When it comes to the occult, since its practices are all products of the soul realm and the earth, theirs are work of the flesh” -Paula Price

Just because you try to Christianize something, doesn’t make it any less occultic.  Nor does it mean it’s any less an abomination before God.

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Author of "A Wicked & Adulterous Generation"

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