Here we go with the number seven again.  The number 7 certainly has a place in God’s heart, after all, it’s on the 7th Day He rested and on the 7th Day we are to keep the Sabbath.  But that doesn’t mean we have rulers over 7 Spheres.  God uses 3 Days, he did this with Jonah and Jesus Christ.  God establishes 10 Commandments, has 10 plagues.  Trying to push this number 7 as though it is the most important number for a prophet is reaching.

So then after trying to establish the importance of the number 7, she continues with a list of 7 Spheres.  She’s missing Art and Expression, and frankly I don’t see much difference between “Business and Commerce” and “Money and Economy”.  But beyond the fact I find her list flawed, and that when you run a search on the internet she is the only one that has this list- it comes from no where else, this idea that God somehow sends a prophet out to influence these spheres is really a detraction from the role of a Prophet.

The role of Prophecy, since Jesus, is to “speak edification, exhortation and comfort to mend” (1 Corinthians 14:3).  If God wants a Prophet to deliver a word to a group of people within one of these Spheres, He’ll tell you.  It’ll look something like (and I’m choosing a completely fabricated scenario- I don’t know of any city that does this…so if yours does- I promise I don’t know about your situation)  “Son of man, get down to the Town Hall Meeting where and speak ‘Thus saith the Lord, you have too long ignored the homeless among you.  You have said that because you do not want homeless people around you, you will assemble a task force to relocate them to the city.  If you do not begin building a homeless shelter, your city will experience a flood like it has never seen this time next year.’ And when all of these things have been said, leave the Town Hall, and move you and your family out of the town never to return again.”

But really, under the current system, as I understand it, Prophecy is for the believer and the Chruch.  As long as that is the truth of the matter, God isn’t going to have a Prophet go to the local Town Hall to tell off the council members.  If that’s not the correct way of understanding 1 Corinthians 14:4, well…who knows!

But as far as Paula’s whole idea that God reveals to His prophets what they are fighting against, it really just sounds like God is trusting some fallible people to get His words right…and that just doesn’t seem to stand up to the Biblical accounts.  They can speak to what they know of the Law, and act on the Law God has set down for all of us (like Hezakaiah breaking the brazen serpent because the people were worshiping it, that’s a pretty safe thing to do (in fact, even non-prophets can break an idol!)- it’s going against one of the 10 Commandments), but to go beyond that requires God to step in and give His own speech.

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