Prophet’s Handbook – AGENTS AND OFFICERS – WHAT THEY DO (pg.121)

In this section, Paula brings up intercession, which gives me a fantastic time to ask you all a question (not intended to be an admonishment):

When you pray on behalf of your community or a country, what are the elements of your prayer?  Do you ever ask God to forgive them?  For example – if you’re one of the Christians vehemently against Abortion, when you see Democrats fighting for abortion rights, do you ever turn to God and say “Lord, forgive them for they do not know what is right.  Forgive those that seek abortion, for they have not understood You wisdom…”

God doesn’t have to listen.  When Jeremiah went to God to interceded for Israel, God decided not to honor Jeremiah’s intercession- because it didn’t serve His purposes to get Israel back on track.  But God did listen to Moses.  God tended to listen more when it concerned individuals though.  Like when people asked that a prophet entreat the Lord to remove something from them.  Jeroboam is an example of this, where his hand shriveled up and the Unnamed Prophet asked God to remove it from him.  Another example was Job praying on behalf of his four friends.

Intercession is more than praying against demonic forces, it’s also praying on behalf of each other, and making a case to God for His mercy.  It may be the circles I find myself in, but oftentimes I find Christians which think of intercession in terms of “help this community through their time of need” or even asking that God will intervene to turn people towards him (Revivals), rather than in terms of asking God to forgive others for the way they are turning the masses from Him.

God’s decisions are His own, but if we have a community of people speaking forth this kind of intercession, I can’t help but wonder if it would be of benefit to our nations.

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