Prophet’s Handbook – PROPHETS AS AGENTS (pg.123)

“The person needs not be neither feared or trusted until God does.” – Paula Price on a prophet which hasn’t had a prophecy come true yet

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think that God ever will if the “prophet” has been proven to not be speaking on behalf of God.  The only time that God’s prophets would have been seen as failing in the Bible, was in the story of Ahab- and that’s because God specifically put out a decree for them to lie so that Ahab would get destroyed.  They were justified by Micaiah’s testimony, and only after Micaiah had delivered the same message as the rest of them.  But again, I note- it’s the only incident we ever hear about.  So up to this point, God made sure that all of these prophets were known to be trustworthy.

The reason I suspect that God wouldn’t ever honor them in the future, is because they have already done wrong by trying to rally people on behalf of God.  It’s not that these people cannot repent, but rather the fact that they have already put themselves in a very precarious situation.  Furthermore, Jesus Christ acknowledges that people can perform wonders and even prophesy accurately without being sent from God in Matthew 7:21-23.  Thus, by saying “until God does” puts us in a very dangerous position ourselves.  It means that we could easily take a sign or wonder that comes true, and was not from a Man of God, as being from a true prophet…after we have already seen another sign or wonder fail.

Let us not allow ourselves to be fooled, but instead test all the spirits.  Speaking of which, I think I’m far enough into the book to bring up a concerning pattern in Paula’s book.  She keeps talking about prophets as representatives to other deities.  While I’m sure that we can all agree that other deities are said to have their own prophets, God tells us that if prophet tells you to follow after other gods, they are not to be followed, but are there to test you. 

As Christians, we should have no part with other deities.  It’s one thing to bring them up so that we know by comparison their treachery.  I can even see a value in comparing their methods against Christian methods for being prophets, if you were going to take it that far.  But what I am seeing time and time again with Paula isn’t a comparison.  It’s almost like she wrote the book just as much for them, as she did Christian prophets-without trying to be obvious about it.  And honestly, this bringing up of other deities in this manner is a massive red flag for me.

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