Baruch 6: Keep it or Axe it?

There’s not much point in talking about the rest of this chapter piece by piece. All the author does is come up with ways to prove that the gods of the Chaldeans are not real. What’s sad, however, is that the same things could be said of God today. If we believe the Bible, then what they saw of God vs. the gods is no different than what the average person sees of God today. It’s a bad measuring stick.

In Modern America, God isn’t seen as withholding rain, or giving it- we can explain these things through meteorologists. In Modern America, there are plenty of people who do not show respect for God but claim to be Christian. In Modern America, we can explain away how some people end up with money and how others do not. We don’t see God dishing out what is modernly referred to as “karma”. We can explain how some people live and others die using science. Every proof Baruch 6 uses…is applicable to our experience of God today.

I believe, personally, that Baruch 6 has it wrong though. I believe that the spiritual world is a lot more complicated than “give this” or “give that”. I also think that Baruch 6 may possibly be ignoring or unaware of actual evidence that proves the Chaldean gods aren’t just the 3D images the author believes them to be.

Much like the rest of this book, Baruch 6 is an interesting study of how Jews understood the spiritual world when it was written, but I cannot justify it as canon. Jerome of Stridon didn’t consider this canon either, but included it at the insistance of Rome. Today, many scholars agree that there is no way this was written by Jeremiah, nor was it written during his lifetime.

VERDICT: Axe it.

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