No, I Do Not Believe God Has a Plan for Every Individual Person

5 years ago my thoughts were apprehensive about a move to a foreign place.  I had never been particularly worried about moving before (angry once, because of a broken promise, but not worried). This time though, my family moved into a place that was at a good price, but not exactly good for our health- trailers are sadly prone to things like roaches and mice.  That’s what happens when you’re nearly homeless and with a family though, you settle with anything you can get…fortunately we had just enough to get better than living out of my car.

But this time around, my thoughts are of excitement as we gear up to spend our second night in our new apartment.

We were stuck at the old place for much longer than we had hoped due to a well-intended healthcare mandate which really led to a bad reputation for our last president amongst the Fast Food & Retail class.  Under the current President, that mandate was repealed and done away with, and because of that simple act, my family was able to save up enough money to make a move into a much nicer place- at the cost of all our stuff except the essentials (clothes, laptop for my job, vehicles, paperwork, etc).  We spent our first night at the new apartment last night.

Why do I credit these 2 Presidents with their roles rather than look at all of it like it was intended to be part of some grand plan by God? Because the Bible doesn’t support the Christian theory of “individual plans”. If it did, Saul would have worked out.

In a world where Free Will is necessary to achieve real salvation, God micromanaging everything in the lives of a believer would make the point of Christ’s death obsolete. It would make the whole story of what happened to Cain and Abel cruel, because it would mean that God orchestrated it- just to punish Cain for something God had intended.

No, we need to be aware that man is just as capable of orchestrating what happens to us as God is. For my own part, trusting God isn’t about trusting his plan for me individually, but rather that God has humanity’s best interests at heart and that His intentions to see a better human society will never change. That’s why He keeps appealing to our Free Will as an instructor and as a leader.

I may not credit God with the hardship, or President Trump’s success at working to appeal the law that prevented us from getting what we wanted- but what I can credit God with is being there with me the whole time. Being the friend I needed most, and giving me a project that would help me better build a relationship with Him. It might seem small to you, but in the end it’s the small things that really help you push through…you just need to be willing to acknowledge every small thing.

So thank you, Lord. This Thanksgiving I have more to be thankful for than the last 5, because you were there with me through it all.

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Author of "A Wicked & Adulterous Generation"

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