They Know Not What They Do…

After this past election, you may be dreading that Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday.  You may have even canceled it based on a political difference of opinion.  

After the 2016 Election, researchers found that a lot of family Thanksgiving visits were cut short because of political division within the family. With the hail storm of bad things that have happened this year, it could be even worse.  Especially now that we won’t have the parade to keep us pre-occupied!

As I reflect on this whole election year, COVID, the riots that have erupted, the hurricanes and the fires, I keep finding myself coming back to Christ’s words on the Cross.

Luke 23:34 
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

I’m in that demographic too.  This year, I voted for Jo Jorgensen, she wasn’t the best candidate- but she also wasn’t the other two.  I voted for the other positions of government, but when it came to the president…I couldn’t, in good conscience, support the two major contenders.  I opted to turn this decision over to the rest of the American People.  And I forgive them for their decision.

If you voted for Joe Biden: I forgive you.
If you voted for Jo Jorgensen: I forgive you.
If you voted from Donald Trump: I forgive you.
If you voted for Howie Hawkins: I forgive you.
If you didn’t vote: I forgive you.
And I forgive myself.

None of us know what we’re doing.  Either God intended for the current President to become our President and our votes were not going to change that…or God left our Free Will in-tact and we’re all scrambling to figure out what the right answers are.

At the end of the day, though, the only real truth we can count on is the second greatest commandment: Love your neighbor.

No one at the foot of the cross could have possibly understood what God was doing until after everything had transpired. We can’t either- but we can choose to be part of the mob that hates what it doesn’t understand…or we can choose to forgive each other because we don’t understand how we got into this mess…nor can we do anything about the past.

The moment politics comes up at the table, don’t dismiss it-transform it.  Make the effort to say: 

I forgive myself, and everyone at this table for the political decisions we have and will make in the future- for we know not what we do. In all things, we should ask God’s Will be done.

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Author of "A Wicked & Adulterous Generation"

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