The Futility of Saul

I’ve always wondered what would have happened if Saul had made a different decision in 1 Samuel 28.  What if, instead of going to the Witch of Endor…he stopped trying to seek God’s voice, and instead went to the temple, offered up sacrifices, and sincerely apologized, told God he wouldn’t keep bugging Him and thenContinue reading “The Futility of Saul”

The Witch of Endor’s Nature

At the end of their encounter with Samuel, the witch moves to comfort Saul.  She wasn’t, by human standards, evil.  What we see is a woman that, despite having fear of Saul in the beginning, does nothing to show malice towards him. Saul, by God’s earlier command, ordered all witches to be executed.  He promisesContinue reading “The Witch of Endor’s Nature”

So You Want to Talk With the Dead…

The story of Saul and the Witch of Endor played a significant role in my coming to terms with the difference between what God calls evil, and what Man calls evil.   After my encounter with an Angel who revealed to me that even though I would be set for life as a Pagan, ifContinue reading “So You Want to Talk With the Dead…”