The Exodus 20:3 Ministry

This project is only beginning. It started out as a book (“A Wicked & Adulterous Generation”), but as soon as I got the book done I realized I hadn’t really thought about what to do afterwards. What if people had questions? What if someone needed encouragement to leave pagan practices? What if someone else wanted to share their story, but like I did for so many years, couldn’t find their courage? All of these questions…it came down to: If it’s God’s will that this get out to people, then it’s also very possible God has called you to be available to this community in order to call them back to Him.

It is my hope that God will shine through this, and it will become it’s own ministry encouraging men and women to cast aside strange gods, witchcraft inside and outside of the church. As such, I hope that you will see testimonies of people that do exactly this and that we can work together to form a community people led by God to intercede for one another.

If you feel like God is calling you to help with this ministry in a more bold way (and I don’t mean financially), I would love to be able to have volunteers across the world that I know I can trust to maintain confidentiality and help encourage people to walk away from strange gods and witchcraft. If that’s something you think is your calling, contact me and we’ll talk.

Three things I pray for, and ask that you all join me…

That those who have allowed strange gods to influence their lives will recognize the damage they have done to our world, and are unworthy of their worship.

That if God finds it good, He will send a Prophet of the Nations to correct our understandings of His Word.

That Christians which believe in Charismatic Gifts will have the personal courage to test the spirits, acknowledge the results and act accordingly.

If any of these things I pray for sound like you, asking for help only costs you your pride. Right now, I am but one person- but I’m available to talk with you, or even simply to make sure you’re name and plight is on my prayer list for as long as you need. If you’re in Upstate South Carolina, I’m more than willing to grab a coffee weekday mornings.

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